It was mid March 2015 and unseasonably warm!  I took the kids on a walk to the library.  By the time we arrived home i was dripping with sweat!  Up to the “summer clothes” draw I rummaged, pulling out shorts.  The figure in the mirror gasped and frowned.  The shorts were tight, putting it nicely, some not even buttoning.  That day i decided no more “diets to get ready for summer” I needed a total Life Change!  I found a “clean eating” group and stared pushing myself to workout daily and haven’t looked back since!  After the first 28 days I could actually SEE a difference!   That feeling was great, I was also doing really good at the healthy eating.  Cooking was never something I really liked to do.  It always sounded good in my head but after starting I would find that I didn’t have the right ingredients or the recipe was complicated. After seeing the clean eating recipes I started to figure on my own. Like, ok, chicken tonight with mushrooms and asparagus then I would just do a quick Pintrest search of how I wanted to fix them, grilled, roasted, baked.  It has taken some time for the kiddos to enjoy all the new veggies, but they are slowly learning that veggies will help their bodies!